Bio-Hazard Disinfection and Building Decontamination Services from the Coronavirus and Covid-19

Are you concerned about the safety of your staff, employees and customers? The disaster recovery team from Service Restoration provides comprehensive cleaning solutions for commercial property owners who are concerned about Covid-19 at their properties. Service Restoration provides professional building decontamination services to reduce the spreading of airborne pathogens such as the coronavirus.

Service Restoration is applying a sanitizing agent that works on Human Coronavirus and is registered through the USDA and is EPA Registered.

Service Restoration is presently working in Manufacturing Facilities, Food Processing Centers, Municipal and Government Offices, call today for a detailed overview of how we can help you.

Certified technicians in Minneapolis, Chicago and Charlotte for cleaning and disinfecting your property to reduce the potential for spreading Covid-19 or the Coronavirus. Service Restoration has certified technicians trained in cleaning up bio-hazards and air pathogens. Our team will work to clean your business, school or health care organization in the Charlotte Metro, Greater Chicago area and the Twin Cities region. As a leading disaster cleanup contractor that is certified through the IICRC, we have the experience for tackling the most challenging catastrophes.

Call us (612) 260-2500 for coronavirus cleaning and building decontamination services throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota.

Call us at (704) 285-1040 for coronavirus cleaning and building decontamination in the Charlotte Metro area.

Call us at (630) 403-0070 for coronavirus cleaning and building decontamination services in the greater Chicago area.

Local Service in Georgia, Iowa, Wisconsin, Arkansas, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota call us for priority service today!

Biohazard Cleanup Professionals and Building Decontamination Services

Service Restoration provides 24/7 disaster cleanup and repair services to the Minneapolis and St. Paul region. Our teams have extensive experience with trauma, crime scene and bio-hazard cleanup. We service commercial and residential property owners.

Professional Decontamination Services For Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina and Illinois Property Owners

We can assist with decontamination service at your commercial facility, nursing home, school or university. Once you contact our office, we will dispatch a team to assess your property. We will then set up the property control and containment to reduce the potential spread of the pathogens. Our teams will then clean, remove and disinfect areas that have been impacted. Call us today to speak with our restoration teams.

Service Restoration Provides Building Decontamination Services in Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, North and South Dakota

Coronavirus Resources

CDC ,World Health Organization, Medline

Updated Guidance from theĀ  Osha and the CDC

Interim guidance for most U.S. workers and employers of workers unlikely to have occupational exposures to COVID-19

For most types of workers, the risk of infection with COVID-19 is similar to that of theĀ general American public.

Employers and workers in operations where there is no specific exposure hazard should remain aware of the evolving outbreak situation. Changes in outbreak conditions may warrant additional precautions in some workplaces not currently highlighted in this guidance.